Week 1-3


Aimed at beginners and experienced artists to cover basic elements of picture construction, perspective, balance, and scale among other things which provides a foundation for the remainder of your course.

Week 4-5

Oil Pastels

On these weeks, you will start to introduce colour, texture and tone to your art using oil pastels.

Week 6-8


Various brush strokes and techniques are covered during this time. We also explore the colour wheel; mixing colours, hues and tones and working with light and shadows. In this delicate technique, our tutor will also teach you the importance of paper preparation.

Week 9-12

Acrylic Painting

This is an exciting part of your course where you will learn to use water based acrylic paint which offers vibrant colours and texture using both pain brushes and palette knives.

Week 13

Mounting Artwork

Your art should be displayed correctly to look its best. This week we will be putting temporary mounts on your work.

Week 14


In the final week, you will have the opportunity to display your finest work at a private exhibition. Free tickets are available of you to invite as many guests as you would like. This provides a social and rewarding conclusion to your course.